Business & Economics Teachers

Mrs. Weimer - Chairperson     

Mrs. Gillman

Mrs. Hanley



Welcome to the Business & Economics Department

Potentially interested in a career in business? Accounting, Economics, and Marketing are three courses offered that every business major must know! Or, are you just interested in the Personal Finance course offering and want to know how stocks and bonds really work in order to be financially secure one day? Or, do you just want to avoid the curse of a lifetime of not even being capable of balancing your own checkbook!

Maybe you want to learn more about how our world works economically so you can be a more informed citizen! Perhaps you want to know if it really is a bad thing that America keeps shedding manufacturing jobs? Or, whether our government is in grave financial trouble because it has borrowed 14 Trillion dollars to pay its bills! Perhaps you may also want to know which politicians endorse actions that are truly good for our economy, and which politicians are just trying to get votes by recommending actions that most economists would say would hurt our economy? I guarantee you that you'll be surprised at what you learn about these and other economic issues!

In summary, the PVI Business & Economics' Department offers 5 courses which will prepare you for a career in business, and/or to become personally financially responsible & knowledgeable, and/or to become a more informed citizen and voter influencing our country's economy and future!