St. Paul VI Catholic High School’s professional licensed counselors support our students through this critical season of their lives.
Our caring staff provides:

  • A guiding hand to help students prepare for next year’s coursework and for college
  • A trusted resource for personal struggles
  • A champion for students who helps them succeed in the classroom, in their relationships, and in planning for the future
Counseling is available throughout the year, with at least one routine visit initiated by a counselor with each student. Sponsored activities and services during the year include:
  • Post-high-school planning classes for sophomores and juniors
  • College Night
  • Standardized testing programs and interpretation of results
  • Referrals for testing, tutoring, and further counseling
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List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Kimberly Bruno

    Kimberly Bruno 

    Director of Counseling
    Fordham University, B.A.
    Fordham University, M.S. Ed.
    St. John's University, Ed.D.
  • Photo of Tina Roller

    Tina Roller 

    College and Career Counselor
    College Of Notre Dame/ Maryland - BA
    College Of Notre Dame/ Maryland - BA
    Catholic University of America - MA
  • Photo of Sandra Stankiewicz

    Sandra Stankiewicz 

    University of Maryland, BA
    Marymount University, MA
  • Mary Ann Thompson 

    Duquesne University - BA
    University of South Florida - MA
  • Photo of Taylor Wagonseller

    Taylor Wagonseller 

    Northern Arizona University - BA
    University of San Diego - MA
  • Photo of Debora Bozik

    Debora Bozik 

    Clarion University - BS
  • Photo of Laura Sealy-Hodge

    Laura Sealy-Hodge 

    Admin Support
St. Paul VI Catholic High School is a private college preparatory school for girls and boys in grades 9-12 in Chantilly, Virginia, seeking to help our students Grow in Grace and Wisdom. Our Washington area prep school is part of the Diocese of Arlington and offers rigorous academics, an inclusive community focused on spiritual and leadership formation, and a proud athletic tradition featuring competitive Division I high school athletics in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.