Welcome from Mrs. Virginia Colwell

The legacy bestowed on us by St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of our school, is one we follow with pride, values, and integrity.

As parents are the first educators of their children, PVI works with parents to provide students a solid faith, based on the life of Jesus Christ and his Gospel values.  Our students are prepared to face any obstacle and their faith is strong. At PVI we instill the idea of lifelong learners.  To that end, we encourage our faculty and staff to challenge themselves by continuing with their own personal and professional educational experience.  What better way show how to be lifelong learners than to model it ourselves.

We continue a conscious effort to promote, invite and inspire each individual to the faithful practice of Catholicism in every facet of the school be it curriculum, administration, guidance, assemblies, retreats, extracurricular activities, in the hallways and parking lots, the cafeteria, and sporting events by modeling of Christian virtues into each and every class and activity.

Each school year brings changes: incoming freshmen with faces of anticipation; sophomores with the swagger that says “we are not the newbies any more;” juniors with concerns about college looming in the not too distant future; and seniors looking forward to their last firsts of everything---football games, Homecoming, dress-out days, and prom.

But each student knows that the PVI community is a family that you come to, leave from and to which you can always return.  We are proud of our “come backs”--- 16 of our alumni work in the building.  In addition to these 16, and because they are vested in Catholic education, 48 members of our faculty, staff and administration are either current or alumni parents.  We really are a family at PVI.

We are blessed at PVI to have a strong and committed faculty.  They represent over 1,500 years of collective teaching experience, 925 years in Catholic education, with 817 of these years at PVI.  Over 81% of them having advanced degrees including Masters degrees (some with double degrees), 2 CPAs, 4 PhDs, and 2 MDs. These are the teachers who care.

It is because of the caring and their belief in producing strong students who will become strong leaders that PVI was recognized by Cardinal Newman society as one of the top 50 Catholic High Schools in the country for the past two years based on overall excellence in Catholic Identity, academics and civic education.  This is a great honor that validates what we do at Paul VI Catholic High School.  Catholic identity, academic excellence and civic education present a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for our faculty and staff.  But it is this faculty and staff that truly take to heart Jesus Christ's words to “Make disciples of all nations - Teaching them to carry out everything I have commanded you.”

Academically, our students dissect research, calculate, formulate and recite.  Socially, they dance, bond, and share with those around them.  Physically, they kick, bat, block, tackle, and throw.  They laugh together, cry together, weather all sorts of drama together, and hope together.  And through it all, they worship, pray, inspire and serve others.  We pray in the words of the gentleman and gentle man, St. Francis de Sales, that they “Live Jesus” and be shining examples of grace and wisdom.