Student Clubs and Activities Page


Campus Ministry Team
Moderator: Mrs. Krolicki
Helps to promote our faith community through liturgy, retreats and numerous service projects

Catholic Athletes for Christ
Moderator: Mr. Sebastian
A chance for members of various athletic teams to join together in prayer and service

Liturgical Musicians
Moderator: Mr. Opfer
Lead the assembly in song at school-wide Mass.  Singers and instrumentalists are encouraged to share their God-given talents with the entire school community

Salesian Spirituality
Moderator: Mrs. Henry-Gross
Helps to promote the teachings of St. Francis De Sales, the Patron Saint of Paul VI High School


Art Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Bordner
Recognizes high achievement in Art, promotes creative thinking in visual arts.

French Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Casey

Recognizes high achievement in French, promotes interest in French studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

Chinese Honor Society           Moderator: Mrs. Wang

Recognizes high schievement in Chinese, promotes interest in Chinese studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students.

German Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Joyner
Recognizes high achievement in German, promotes interest in German studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

International Thespian Society
Moderator: Mrs. d'Alelio
A theater arts service organization that promotes theater program

Latin Honor Society
Moderator: Mr. Stulac
Recognizes high achievement in Latin, promotes interest in Latin studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students

Music Honor Society (Tri-M)
Moderator: Mrs. Siegfried
Recognizes high achievement in choir, band, and strings.

National Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Tinsley & Mrs. Hanley
Recognizes qualities of leadership, scholarship, character and service in selected juniors and seniors while providing varied services to the school community

Spanish Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Ali
Recognizes high achievement in Spanish, promotes interest in Hispanic studies and provides tutorial assistance for other students


Newspaper (The Panther Press)

Moderator: Mrs. Slucher
Writes, edits and publishes online news articles

Yearbook (Imprints)
Moderator: Ms. O'Connor
Provides a documented history of the school year in picture and prose


(Although these clubs are devoted to service, all students at PVI take part in service activities) 

F.I.S.H ( Friends Inviting Sharing Healing)
Moderator: Mrs. Kline & Mrs. Bozik
The mission of FISH is to provide students with someone who will listen and be a friends.  Members dedicate themselves to helping everyone feel welcome and a part of the community.

Panther Pals
Moderator: Ms. Browne & Ms. Hodge

The mission of The Panther Pals club is to provide an extracurricular social/service club fostering friendship, understanding, and acceptance in an effort to enhance both Options students and students from the general education populations self-esteem and to provide greater possibility for friendships

Peer Mentoring
Moderator: Mrs. Desmarais
Fosters interpersonal skills, compassion and advocacy skills for students with intellectual disabilities as well as the peer mentor. Provides meaningful opportunities to be a role model. Peer mentoring is a co-curricular service opportunity

Panthers for Life

Moderator: Mr. Pell
Panthers for Life is the student-led Pro-Life movement at Paul VI who defend all forms of human life for the glory of God; hoping to abolish abortion.  Join us today!


Asian Culture Club

Moderator: Mrs. Wang

Provides activies to develop interest in Asain culture and promotes camaraderie among students in the Chinese classes

Computer Competitions Club
Moderator: TBA
Enhances knowledge of computer hardware and software through interaction with club members

French Club
Moderator: Mrs. Casey
Provides activities to develop interest in French Language, culture and promotes camaraderie among students in the French classes

German Club
Moderator: Frau Joyner
Provides activities to develop interest in Germanic cultural heritage and promotes camaraderie among students in the German classes

It’s Academic
Moderator: Dr. Rozmajzl
Competes on the “It’s Academic Show” and at other local academic competitions

Junior Classical League
Moderator: TBA
Provides activities to develop interest in classical studies and promotes camaraderie among student in Latin classes

Junior Math League
Moderator: Mrs. Whiting
Challenges students to work on more complex math problems and compete with other students in Fairfax County School

Senior Math League
Moderator: Mrs. Collier
Challenges students to work on more complex math problems from upper level math and compete with other students in Fairfax County School

Spanish Club
Moderator: Senor Pazo
Provides activities to develop interest in Hispanic cultural heritage and promotes camaraderie among students in Spanish classes


Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Moderator: Mrs. Tinsley & Mrs. Hanley
Representatives from each advisory who help current and new students adjust to life at PVI and get involved so that every student has a remarkable high school experience.

Moderator: Mrs. Henry-Gross & Dr. Sullivan
Make a difference in our school. The goal is to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion as taught by Rachel Scott. “You just may start a chain reaction” – R. Scott

Student Ambassadors
Moderator: Mrs. Hanley & Mr. Farello
Official representatives and spokesperson for Paul VI at school and community events.

Student Government Association
Moderator: Mrs. Tinsley
Governs and represents the student body on issues of school policy and academics. Organizes and oversees many of the school events.


Book Club 

Moderator: Mrs. H-G & Mrs. Lande

Students discuss and share books on a theme chosen by the club members.  The purpose of the club is to encourage the enjoyment of reading for the sake of pleasure and personal growth.

Moderator: Dr. Rozmajzl
The Cappies is an international program for recognizing, celebrating, and providing learning experiences for high school theater and journalism students with teenage playwrights.  Membership is open to sophomores, juniors, & seniors.

Chess Club
Moderator: Mr. Kochis
Students play chess in a social setting while building a competitive team

Cooking Club
Moderator: Mr. DeBroeck
Students learn the basic skills needed in a kitchen through hands on cooking and then of course enjoying the snacks and treats they make

Debate Club
Moderator: Dr. Sullivan
Promotes self-confidence as members learn to research, work as a team,  and formulate arguments. Students have opportunities to complete regionally (not required to compete to be a member of the club)

Moderator: Mrs. Lande
Produces morning announcements through video

Gaming Club
Moderator: Mrs. Marksteiner
Students socialize and interact with one another while playing various gaming systems

Guitar Club
Moderator: TBA
Students interested in playing guitar with others. Both electric and acoustic guitar players are welcome and skill level is not emphasized

Moderator: Mrs. d'Alelio
The PVI IMPRROV team makes it up as they go along.

Intramural Sports
Moderator: Mr. O'Brien
Allows students to experience structured and enjoyable team competition

Model Judiciary
Moderator: Mrs. Kiernan
Increases awareness of our judicial process and allows students to compete as trial attorneys on the local and state level

Model United Nations
Moderator: Ms. Hinko
Increases awareness of the process and purpose of the United Nations and allows students to compete in mock UN hearings with other schools

Pink & White Club
Moderator: Mrs. Leffas
Open to all girls at PVI.  This group's goal is to serve as an informal setting for sharing and discussing a variety of topics and to encourage one another in positive relationships and attitudes, and in becoming women of character, integrity and purity.

PVI Players
Moderator: Mrs. d'Alelio
Promotes theater arts within the school and to the local community

Reading in the Movies
Moderator: Mrs. Cochrane
Combines the best of two worlds, the written word and motion picture.  This club reads fun, popular, and exciting books and watches the movies they were made into.

Scrub Club
Moderator: Mrs. Eyerman
A club for students who are interested in having a career in healthcare.

VI Man Spirit Club
Promotes school spirit by supporting athletic teams and other school activities.

Young Politicians
Moderator: Mr. DeBroeck
A gatherine of students across the political spectrum, this club allows members to discuss current political events and stances honestly and respectfully.


Moderator: Mrs. Siegfried
Jazz Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, String Ensemble and Wind Ensemble (performs at concerts and other school events)

Moderator: Mr. Capen
Show Choir and Concert Choir (performs at concerts and other school events)

Moderator: Mrs. d'Alelio
Various classes covering all aspects of theater (Two major productions each year; provides all technical support for the Paul VI community)

Moderator: Mrs. Bordner
All levels from introduction to AP Art (Produces school wide are shows and provides other creative support to the school community)