Counseling Department

Paul VI High School's CEEB number is 470801. This number is used for both ACT and SAT exam registrations.

Paul VI is an official test site for the October and May  SAT. The test site code is 47-304.

Role of the Counseling Department

We are staffed with professional counselors and administrative secretaries. Counselors are available to assist students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators. In keeping with the philosophy of our school, counselors provide comprehensive services to facilitate the spiritual, academic career and personal-social growth, development and adjustment of students.

The counselors work in collaboration with the faculty advisor program and teachers to meet the individual needs of each student. The fundamental goal of counseling is to help each student understand and accept his/her self, to better become more aware of alternatives, and to learn effective problem solving and decision-making skills leading to increased maturity, greater self-direction and assumption of responsibility.  The counselors provide professional assistance to help the student attain academic success, learn to cope with personal problems, improve relationships and focus on career/college and life choices.

Counseling is available and accessible upon request from students, parents, and teachers throughout the year. In addition, a routine visit is initiated by the counselor with each student. In the first semester, counselors attempt to meet each senior and freshman; during the second semester, juniors and sophomores are invited in. Each counselor has a caseload of approximately 315 students.

In addition to making resources available for college and career planning, counselors teach post-high-school planning classes to sophomores and juniors, host a college night for parents, and provide a biannual newsletter. The Counseling Department implements standardized testing programs and assists students, parents and teachers in interpreting test results. Additionally, the Counseling Office offers information on referral sources in the community for more extensive testing, tutoring and counseling as needed.


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