English Teachers


Welcome to the English Department

The Paul VI English department looks to progressively develop all students’ analytical and creative writing skills; in addition to their research and public speaking skills. At all grade levels, the teachers establish an environment of mutual learning, cooperation, and respect to ensure that all students have ample opportunity to express their independent voices. Teachers assign reading that allows ample opportunity to discuss relevance of Catholic tradition as seen in Western literature. Teachers also create writing assignments that require students to think critically about how their values and faith are reflected in the various pieces of assigned literature.

Through their four years of study, students will be exposed to World, American, and British literature. We also offer AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, and Dual Enrollment Composition for upper-classmen. Freshman course placement is based on the High School Placement Test and eighth grade report card. Sophomore, junior, and senior course placement is based on teacher recommendation and student performance.  Placement into either AP or Dual Enrollment is based on student performance and department chair evaluation of a writing prompt.