Panther Pride Awards 2022-2023 School Year

Congratulations to the recipients of the Panther Pride awards. Our R.E.A.C.H. club sponsors these awards annually to honor one student, one staff/faculty member and one parent for their extraordinary service to PVI above and beyond what is expected, assigned or required.
This year, two-lifetime service awards were also given. Congratulations to Ciara Gallagher '24 (student), Jennifer Mustachio (parent), Ellen Fihlman (faculty/staff), Joseph Sebastian (lifetime of service), and Billy Emerson (lifetime of service).
Congratulations to Ciara Gallagher, who was recognized with the Clarence Boone Award. Mr. Clarence Boone was known as the “heart and soul” of PVI through his service to others and to the PVI community. Clarence respected everyone and lived the Gospel values through his daily interactions. In 2011, the Panther Parent Organization created and sponsored this special award. Two years after starting this award, Mr. Boone passed away. We continue to honor his legacy today by recognizing a student who serves PVI in the model of Clarence. Congratulations and thank you, Ciara!
Congratulations to Emilia Grabowski, Alexander Iskenderoglu, Steven Kramp, Claire McGinn, and Lalia McKinley, who were nominated by the American Legion to attend Virginia Boys State and Virginia Girls State. The students will spend a week participating in a hands-on experience in mock state government. Who knows?  Maybe one of these future PVI graduates will be a state senator in the future!

Academic Awards: In recognition of excellence in academic and co-curricular activities, St. Paul VI Catholic High School presents the following awards.
The awards for excellence in Theology are presented to:
Grade 9:  
Bailey Cannon
Sophia Minteer
Samuel Jennings
Roy Wulf
Madison Jones
Grade 10: Abigail Moran
Gianna Maynard
Katherine Kimble
Sophia Mustachio
Grade 11: Mateo Sur
Maria Canan
Lia Boyle
The awards for excellence in English are presented to:
Grade 9:
Rylie Hurst
Bailey Cannon
Tyson Faircloth
Emma Ladowicz
Grade 10:
Marina Kodrowski
Patrick Smith
Stephen Schafer
Angela Benedict
Grade 11: Andrew Lowell
Zach Poole
Hadley Virusky
AP English Language and Composition: Maria Canan
Creative Writing: Gabriel Warega
Journalism: Luke Saylor
The awards for excellence in Social Studies are presented to:
World History: 
Scarlet LeVake
Madison Nicholson
Cody Harsh
HN World Hist: Marcella Minutillo
US/VA History to 1900:
Keira Barboza
Nisha Downey
Patrick Smith
HN United States History:
Angela Thomson
Karina Velasco
US/VA History of the 20th century: Sadie Shores
DE US History:
Victoria Barbera
Maria Canan
AP US History: Hans Sirotniak
AP European History:
Xavier Guevara   
Faith Birch
AP Comparative Government & Politics: Emilia Grabowski
Psychology: Victoria Barbera
AP Psychology:
Katerina Seal
Alyssa Gomez
Isabel Gomez
Practical Law: Hans Sirotniak
AP Human Geography: Mia Mufarreh
Intro to Intelligence:  Alyssa Gomez and Isabel Gomez
The awards for excellence in Mathematics are presented to:
Algebra 1:
Scarlet LeVake
Luis Moreira
CP: Allison Hankins
Katina Jones
Sarah Bernstein
George Mantalvanos
Maria Alfaro
Roy Wulf
H. Montana Michaelangelo
Algebra 2:
Rachel Evans
Madison Braun  
Patrick Smith
Anthony Colavecchi
Hannah Jewel
HN Algebra 2:  Dominik Le
Pre-Calculus: Skylar Shamblin
Cora Gombo
Trey Carrier
Cora Tebbe
Brady Peretin
HN: Hans Sirontniak
CP Calculus: Sadie Shores
AP Calculus AB:
Katie Boland
Tyler Russ
AP Statistics: John Westlund
The awards for excellence in Biology are presented to:
General: Lyla Fries
Addison Ridendour
Cody Harsh
Samuel Jennings
Annabelle Eggers
Honors: Ryan Callahan
Emma Ladowicz
DE: Christine Bare
The awards for excellence in Chemistry are presented to:
Conceptual: Sarah Bernstein
Macy Sargent
George Mantalvanos
Angelique Desamours
Julianna Lee
Abigail Hish
Dante Massarini
Angela Thomson
Maria Canan
Carole Ann Hasto
The awards for excellence in Applied Physics are presented to:
Delaney Magliocchetti
Anthony Sloboda
The awards for excellence in Physics are presented to:
Anthony Colavecchio
Colin Kelpy
Reagan Petti
Tyler Russ
Tori Barbera
AP Physics 1:
Katie Boland
The awards for excellence in Ecology is presented to:
Hans Sirotniak
The awards for excellence in DE Environmental Science is presented to:
Emma Frisard
Katy Schrock
The awards for excellence in HN Botony is presented to:
Julia Hogan
The awards for excellence in HN Genetics is presented to:
Molly Buytenhuys
The awards for excellence in French are presented to:
French 1: Roy Wulf
French 2: Jahangir Humenik
French 3: Clare Irons
French 3 Honors: Carole Hasto
French 4: Hayden Springer
French 4 Honors: Faith Birch
French 5 Honors: Michael Tang
German 1:
Lauren Parker
Kimberly Murphy
German 2: Brian Moore
German 3: Rachel Evans
DE Beginning German: Katina Jones
The awards for excellence in Latin are presented to:
Latin 1: Alyssa Gomez
Latin 2: Marisol Sims
Honors Latin 3: Hope Veazey
The awards for excellence in Spanish are presented to:
Spanish 1:
Natalia Lama
Elisa Batallas
Ryan Buffoni
Spanish 2:
Sara Ugaz
Ethan Mills
Honors Spanish 2: Dominik Le
Introductory Spanish 2: Delaney Rickard
Spanish 3: Karina de Leon Velasco
Spanish 3 Concepts: Cora Gombo
Honors Spanish 3: Hans Sirotniak
Spanish 4: Maria Canan
Honors Spanish 4: Brenda Rodriguez
The awards for excellence in Mandarin Chinese are presented to:
Chinese 1: Emma Ladowicz
Chinese 2: Chloe Rakowitz
DE Chinese Beginning: Ethan Chisholm
The award for excellence in Intro to Engineering is presented to:
Emma Ladowicz
The award for excellence in Hn Principles of Engineering is presented to:
Katrina Boland
The award for excellence in Hn Principles of Aerospace Engineering is presented to:
Allen Riotto
The awards for excellence in Business are presented to:
Accounting: Cameron Lizama
Fashion Marketing: Taylor Henman
Introduction to Marketing: Alexis Boland
Personal Finance: Isaiah Abraham and Sara Ugaz
Entrepreneurship: Jack Driscoll
The awards for excellence in Computer Science are presented to:
Honors Java Programming: Adam Delacourt
Internet Programming: Tyler Russ
Personal Cybersecurity: Molly Layne and Sara Ugaz
AP Computer Science A: Peter Delacourt
AP Computer Science Principles: Tess McKinley
The award for excellence in Public Speaking is presented to: 
Madisyn Kroeger
Liam Dermody
The awards for excellence in Art are presented to:
Intro to Art: Daniela Bruno
Studio Art :  Angela Thomson
HN Studio Art :  Charlie Balderrama
DE Drawing: Devyn Wallace
The awards for excellence in Choral Music are presented to:
Chamber Choir: Cole Wade
DeSales Singers: Alexa Jordan
Chantal Chanteurs: Julia Cochran
The awards for excellence in Band are presented to:
Concert Band: Catherine Kochenash
Intermediate Band: Jaden Bak
Strings: Karina Velasco
Symphonic: Ciara Gallagher
Piano & Guitar: Charlie Buckreis
The awards for excellence in Drama are presented to:
Acting: Annie Howard
DE Theatre: Aedan McConnell
DE Acting: Drew Bradford
The award for excellence in Photojournalism is presented to:
Reagan Ryckeley
The award for excellence in AP Seminar is presented to:
Maria Canan
The awards for excellence in Physical Education are presented to:
PE 9 Boys: Jordon Smith
PE 9 Girls: Katie Hess
Health 9 Boys: Ryan Callahan
Health 9 Girls: Emma Ladowicz
PE 10 Girls: Katie Lutz
PE 10 Boys: Cole Stup
Drivers Ed/First Aid Boys: Allen Riotto
Drivers Ed/First Aid Girls: Mari Kodrowski
The awards for excellence in Options are presented to:
Math: Jessica Rutherford
Reading: Angelina Huong    
STEM: Isaiah Bertulfo
Robotics: Jonathan Ingersoll
Sports Skills: Avery Waldrop
St. Paul VI Catholic High School is a private Diocesan Catholic preparatory school for girls and boys in grades 9-12 in Chantilly, Virginia, seeking to help our students Grow in Grace and Wisdom. Our school is part of the Diocese of Arlington and offers rigorous academics, an inclusive community focused on spiritual and leadership formation, and a proud athletic tradition featuring nationally renowned programs competing in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference and the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association.

St. Paul VI Catholic High School is an accredited member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.