Underclassman Awards

In recognition of excellence in academic and co-curricular activities, St. Paul VI Catholic High School presents the following awards. 
Excellence in Theology:
Grade 9: 
Alyssa Gomez
Rafael Venegas
             Christian Lachowicz
Grade 10:
            Eva Ingram
            Stefania Anderson
            Reagan Barrett
            Austin Ashe
Grade 11:
Beatrice Del Rosario
             Jordan Ringo
Excellence in English:
Grade 9:
            Jack Loyd
            Alexander Iskenderoglu
            Mia Mufarreh
            Steven Kramp
           Andrew Green
Grade 10:
Erin Burke
             Briseis Ferrufino
             Marlene Brasco
Grade 11:
Michael O’Byrne
             Brian Cerretani
             Alyssa An
Madison Hughes
AP English Language and Composition: Anna Maresca
Creative Writing: Autumn Williams
Photojournalism: Mackenzie Myers
Journalism: Brayden Kelleher           
Excellence in Social Studies:
World History: 
Reagan Ryckeley
             Hans Sirotniak
US/VA History to 1900:
Briseis Ferrufino
Marlene Brasco
US/VA History of the 20th Century:
Avery Gegg
Michelle Nguyen and Beatrice Del Rosario
AP US History: Gabriella Henson-Vendrell
AP European History: Reagan Barrett
AP Comparative Government & Politics: Clare Lanham
AP Psychology: Anastasia Leffas
Top Cop Award for outstanding achievement in Practical Law:
 Anna Gillespie
Excellence in Mathematics:
Algebra 1:
Elizabeth Gainer
             Margaret Crishock
Anna Gallagher
             Faith Birch
             Hans Sirotniak
 Algebra 2:
Samora Finney
             Marlene Brasco
             Katrina Boland
Quynhmai Nguyen
             Mary Carr
CP Calculus: Anna Maresca
AP Calculus: 
AP Calculus AB- Sophia Lama and Teresa Duong
             AP Calculus BC- Max Jiang
AP Statistics: Max Jiang
Excellence in Biology:
Claudia Zandi
Hans Sirotniak
Katrina Boland
Excellence in Chemistry:
Joseph Flanders
Amaya Betancourt
             James Payne
Marlene Brasco
James Martin
             Gabriella Henson-Vendrell
Excellence in Physics:
Samora Finney
Stefan Santisi
AP Physics 1: Michelle Nguyen
Excellence in Ecology: Ellie Warren
Excellence in French:
French 1: Carole Ann Hasto
French 2: Joseph Girard
French 3: Michael Tang
French 3 Honors: Quynhmai Nguyen
French 4: Nicholas Diaz
French 4 Honors: Anastasia Leffas
French 5 Honors: Jessica Serres
Excellence in German:
 German 1: Tabitha Giaccio
              German 2: Matthew Nickle
              German 3: Pierre Westhoff
              DE Beginning German: Minh Phan
Excellence in Latin:
Latin 1: Stella Kim
Latin 2: Lydia Ma
Honors Latin 3: Teresa Duong
Excellence in Spanish:
Spanish 1: Jenny Nguyen
Spanish 2: Claire McCarthy
Honors Spanish 2: Brenda Rodriguez
Introductory Spanish 2: Owen Mead
Spanish 3: Francesca Cristofari
Spanish 3 Concepts: Kenneth Lam
Honors Spanish 3: Marlene Brasco
Spanish 4: Mikayla Lachowicz
Honors Spanish 4: Mary Carr    
Excellence in Mandarin Chinese:
Chinese 1: Laila Martin
Chinese 2: Dylan Akiyama
DE Chinese Beginning: Lily Richardson
DE Chinese Intermediate: Aaron Chisholm
Excellence in Intro to Engineering: Mikayla Lachowicz
Excellence in Principles of Engineering: Alexis Florit
Excellence in Business:
Fashion Marketing: Catherine Jans
Introduction to Marketing: Thomas Keating
Personal Finance: Alexander Ashley
Entrepreneurship: Elin Bejoy
AP Macroeconomics: Anna Gillespie
Excellence in Computer Science:  
            Honors Java Programming: Joseph Girard and Carson Breissinger
            Internet Programming: Samora Finney and Clarisse Ladaban
            Personal Cybersecurity: James Brandow and Delia Grace Williams-Siguenza
            AP Computer Science A: Zeyang Jiang
Excellence in Public Speaking: Emery Meyer
Excellence in Art:
Intro to Art: Sean Gunn
Studio Art: Devyn Wallace
Studio Art: Melissa Vinh
DE Fundamentals of Design Art: Julia Thomas                        
Excellence in Choral Music:
Chamber Choir: Faith Hargadon
Concert Choir: Stella Kim
Excellence in Band:
Concert Band: Alexander Iskenderoglu
Intermediate Band: Gerald Faist            
Strings: Zachary Wallace
Symphonic: Teresa Duong           
Guitar: Samuel Catts
Piano: Brendan Curran
Excellence in Drama:
Intro to Theater: Facundo Keller
Acting: Faith Birch
Advanced Acting: Marlene Brasco
Excellence in Physical Education:
PE 9 Boys: Christian Lachowicz
PE 9 Girls: Isabel Stankiewicz
Health 9 Boys: Hans Sirotniak
Health 9 Girls: Bella Brown
PE 10 Girls: Raynelle Araque
PE 10 Boys: Gerald Faist
Drivers Ed/First Aid Boys: Jack Morningstar
Drivers Ed/First Aid Girls: Marlene Brasco
St. Paul VI Catholic High School is a private college preparatory school for girls and boys in grades 9-12 in Chantilly, Virginia, seeking to help our students Grow in Grace and Wisdom. Our school is part of the Diocese of Arlington and offers rigorous academics, an inclusive community focused on spiritual and leadership formation, and a proud athletic tradition featuring nationally renowned programs competing in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference and the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association.