Paul VI Catholic High School Student Laptop Program

All PVI students participate in the school’s laptop program.


Student Benefits of a Laptop Program

  • Increases student engagement in the curriculum via more opportunities for student-centered exercises, Internet access and research, and more frequent teacher-student communication
  • Provides a key support tool to enhance the development of 21st Century student and career skills including collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, research, and technology skills
  • Cost effectively houses student-centered electronic textbooks created by today’s e-text publishers, including access to a new generation of e-text related exercises and tools
  • Improves student organizational skills. Student e-textbooks, homework, calendars, class notes, and project work are all contained in one location
  • Most independent studies show a positive correlation to improved test scores
  • Better prepares students for college as a growing number of colleges, and/or college majors are requiring laptop knowledge and proficiency and have similar laptop programs themselves. Such programs are making their way into elementary schools also, and for their students our program will enable smoother transitions to high school, to many colleges and eventually to the workforce.


The Student Laptop & Family Ownership

  • The student laptop will be purchased and owned by the family. Laptops are ordered via a private website and are picked up at the school at the beginning of the school year.
  • The student laptop selected for 2016-2017 school year is a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260, which is a “tablet-PC.” A tablet-PC is a unit that can be used as a laptop but also one that converts or swivels into a tablet. 
  • The student laptop comes with extended warranties and damage insurance that will last through graduation. 
  •  Laptops will be imaged by the school with a standard operating system (Windows OS) and application software. Certain subjects may require course specific application software.           


Wi-Fi Network and Sparing

  • Campus wide, state-of-the-art wireless network including access from all classrooms and public areas
  • Onsite device sparing and diagnosis center

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