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Chief Financial Officer                                              Donald La Velle                              dlavelle@paulvi.net

Payroll/Employee Benefits                                      Emerita Sarabia                              esarabia@paulvi.net

Finance Office Manager/Accounts Payable         Roberta Fisher                                rfisher@paulvi.net

Students Accounts/Accounts Receivable             Laura Kruczkowski                        lkruczkowski@paulvi.net

Financial Analyst                                                       Eileen Martel                                  emartel@paulvi.net 


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Beginning with the 2016 – 2017 school year the NEW tuition payment the schedule will begin in August 2016 and continue through May 2017

FACTS Tuition Link 


Financial Grant and Aid Assessment Application: FACTS Tuition Registration:   https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3FQ43


Paul VI Catholic High School 2017- 2018 School Fees


Tuition Rates


Catholic Rate

Non-Catholic Rate

International Rate


1st Student





2nd Student





3rd Student





4th Student





Tuition may paid in full or installments (typically 10 monthly installments) through FACTS Tuition Management

FACTS Tuition Management bills an annual fee directly to the family for use of the service.

To receive the Catholic Tuition rate a Catholic Baptismal Certificate must be on file at the school


Fees Due from ALL STUDENTS at Registration:
(To be paid directly to Paul VI Catholic High School)

Registration Fee

Technology Fee



Non-refundable annual fee per student

Non-refundable annual fee per student


Fees Due as Applicable at Registration:

(To be paid directly to Paul VI Catholic High School)

Graduation Fee


Mandatory fee for SENIORS

Academic Center for Excellence


Non–refundable one-time fee for new registrants

De Sales Learning Center


Non-refundable registration fee for new registrants

Non-Refundable Deposit


Paid by new students only, credited towards tuition

F-1 Visa Processing Fee


Non-refundable, paid by new students only




Other School Fees Due as Applicable:

(May be paid in full directly to PVI or in installments (typically monthly) through FACTS Tuition Management)

Academic Center for Excellence


Non-refundable fee per semester

De Sales Learning Center


Per year for one period per day



Two periods per day

Options Program Fee


Non-refundable annual fee for Options students only


Miscellaneous Fees Due as Applicable (not at registration):

Parking Fees – limited spaces


Annual fee (no proration for partial year)

Course Changes


Due upon request

Returned Check Fee


For each check returned by bank

Late Fee for any Payment


Fee for late payments

Additional Instructional


Fees for AP testing, Dual Enrollment, Online textbooks, Art Supplies,etc.

Paul VI High School’s Tuition Refund Policy

After June 30th of any school year, if your student(s) withdraws for any reason, your tuition will be prorated on a semester basis. This means if your student has committed to attend Paul VI Catholic High School and then withdraws, you will be responsible for the full semester’s tuition. If the student has begun attending second semester classes, you will be responsible for the full semester’s tuition. The balance will be due at the time of withdrawal unless payment plans are made with the finance office.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is an annual commitment. Prior to registration, a decision must be made to pay all tuition in full by July 15th, or to pay tuition over a 10 month period from August through May. There is no tuition reduction for payments in full. Tuition prices remain the same whether they are paid in full or paid through installments. A service fee is added to all credit card payments.

All installment payments must be made through the FACTS Tuition Management Program (FACTS). The FACTS program is able to process monthly, bi-annual and quarterly payments. FACTS offers two payment methods for your convenience. The first includes an automatic withdrawal from either your checking or savings account. The second method includes having the monthly fee charged to a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). There is a service surcharge for credit card payments.

Financial Grant Information

General Information

Financial grants are available for students needing assistance with tuition. There cannot be any consideration given to a student’s circumstance until a financial aid application has been completed. Completion requires various steps:

  1. Applications are submitted to FACTS Grant & Aid which conducts an independent evaluation. This evaluation is then reported to the Financial Aid Committee at PVI where decisions are made concerning allocation of funds. The various FACTS links can be found on the school website under “About PVI” then “Finance Office”. This site will take you directly to the FACTS Grant & Aid site.
  2. After completing the application, you must send the substantiating documentation to FACTS. No application will be reviewed or given consideration until all supporting documentation has been submitted.
  3. Families must reapply each year. Financial aid is only allocated one year at a time, and there is no guarantee for future years.
  4. If you have students in other diocesan schools, you only need apply one time. Please list all students and schools on the application. This is easier for you and allows the diocese to see your family’s complete situation.
Application Process
    1. The application process begins each November for the upcoming school year (i.e., November 2016 for the 2017-2018 school year).
    2. To be considered in the first round of decisions, applications must be received by the deadline date which is determined by the Office of Catholic Schools. Note that the deadline is prior to the freshman acceptance letters being mailed. If you have an incoming student and will need financial assistance, we suggest you apply for financial aid prior to your acceptance.
    3. Awards for the incoming freshman class are mailed at the same time as the acceptance letters. All other awards notifications are mailed by the end of May.
Appeals Process

PVI and the Financial Aid Committee understand that not all family circumstances can be conveyed in the FACTS Grant & Aid application. If after the initial award, or non-award, your family is still in need of additional assistance, an email (preferred) or a letter explaining your family circumstances is the first step in the appeals process. The Financial Aid Committee meets on a regular basis to review the appeals.