Dual Enrollment Courses at PVI

Paul VI Catholic High School offers students a pathway to earn dual course credit at both PVI and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). These earned dual course credits are also fully transferable from NOVA to any Virginia State college or university, and may also be transferable to colleges and universities outside the state.  Dual Enrollment courses will be taught on the PVI campus during the regular school day using approved PVI instructors and are offered at reduced tuition rates.

For a list of participating institutions, click here: Guaranteed Admissions

Courses Offered:
College Composition (ENG 111 & 112)
Intermediate German (GER 201 & 202)
Music Appreciation (MUS 121)
Biology with Lab (BIO 101 & 102)

Sample Plan for Science:
Fall – Biology 101

Prerequisites – CP Biology or Honors Biology, Compass Test (Reading and Writing)

Spring – Biology 102

Prerequisites – C or better in Biology 102

Summer – Chemistry 111
Summer session at NOVA Annandale*
Prerequisites – Compass Test (Math, Reading, Writing)
*Full NOVA cost per credit hour

Fall /Spring
Microbiology/Genetics – Dual Enrollment 200 level courses
Prerequisites – Biology 101/102; Chemistry 111

Science Dual Enrollment Potential Path for a PVI student:
Biology 101/102             Þ   Chemistry 111       Þ   Cyberscience Microbiology & Genetics
(AP Biology: C or better)                            Summer session/NOVA  

Junior Year                                       Rising Senior                             Senior Year
4 credits/semester                                        4 credits                                           4 credits/course

PVI student: Total Dual enrollment NOVA science credits = 20

*additional option to take AP Chemistry during senior year. 

Please note: Biology 101/102 is also offered as a full year stand alone course (8 credits total), if students do not wish to take the entire 20 credit PVI Dual Enrollment path

Students from Other High Schools:
Students from other local schools may choose to take AP Biology at their own high school as a junior. They may enter the dual enrollment program with Chemistry 111 during the summer after junior year and participate in Cyberscience Microbiology and Cyberscience Genetics for dual enrollment during senior year.

 Path for local high school student:
AP Biology   
              Þ    Chemistry 111           Þ   Cyberscience Microbiology & Genetics 
Any local high school                           Summer session/NOVA  

Junior Year                                  Rising Senior                                Senior Year
                                                                        4 credits                                          4 credits/course 

Local High School Student: total NOVA Dual Enrollment Credits: 12

Questions about PVI Science Dual Enrollment?
Contact Doctor Potter or Mrs. Liberti at mpotter@paulvi.net and eliberti@paulvi.net 

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