Paul VI Panther Parent Organization

May 2017


Dear PVI Families:

We are excited to announce the merger of our PVI PTO and our PVI Mother’s Club into one, new parent organization called the “Panther Parent Organization.”  Through dialog over the past year with the Mother’s Club Board and the PTO Board, we hope this will better coordinate efforts to support the school as well as provide parent programs and opportunities to serve within our school community.  The mission of the Panther Parent Organization is to foster a spirit of community and collaboration among administrators, teachers, parents, and students through service to the school and community by providing scholarship opportunities, social events, and programs. 

New to the structure this year is that every parent is automatically a member of the organization! We look forward to an exciting year but we need your support.  This organization is built on St. Francis de Sales’ teaching: “great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily.”

Will you please join us during this exciting upcoming year? There are many opportunities to volunteer and get involved. Most of these are a small time commitment so please consider volunteering your time.  Please join us as we continue to make PVI an excellent school for our students and families!  Check out these opportunities.



PVI Scrip Program

Did you know you can make money for PVI by shopping? With our Scrip program we can fundraise throughout the year with our regular purchases.

To register, go to Shop with Scrip to get started. There are two parts to the process :

Part 1

  1. Click on 'Register'
  2. Click on 'Join a Scrip Program'
  3. Enter our schools enrollment code: 5FB1F7F81628
  4. Enter your information

Part 2

  1. Log into your new account and click on 'Dashboard'
  2. Scroll down and click on 'Presto Pay' (it is near the bottom on the right side under 'Shopping Lists')
  3. Click on 'Family Registration'
  4. Read the terms and information and click on 'Agree'
  5. Enter your information

There is additional information on the Scrip Program link at the top right of this website.

The following links have more information to help you with the process: