Vive Jesu Society

The V+J, Vive Jesu, translates to “Live Jesus.” This is the motto of Saint Francis de Sales, the patron saint of Paul VI Catholic High School. The Vive Jesu Society enriches the lives of Paul VI students, faculty, and staff through their gifts of $1,000 or more during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Paul VI Catholic High School is grateful for the generosity and loyalty of the Vive Jesu Society, allowing the school to continue to teach students how to live Jesus.


Pope Paul VI ($50,000)

The school’s namesake, Pope Paul VI said, “Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.” Members of Pope Paul VI create change. Their generosity enables Paul VI to achieve its mission, to graduate responsible, moral, service-oriented young adults. Because of Pope Paul VI members, faculty/staff, students, and alumni are prepared to respond to calls for help through leadership and a commitment to acting with integrity.


Saint Francis de Sales($25,000)

“Be who you are and be that well.” The words of Saint Francis de Sales grace the walls of the classrooms at Paul VI and the memories of the alumni. Gifts at the Saint Francis de Sales level give students the tools to live as he did – loving God and loving their neighbor. The impact of these gifts are felt far and wide, beyond the walls of Paul VI.


Grace and Wisdom ($10,000)

“Grow in grace and wisdom” the philosophy of the school, is found in the prayer of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Philippians. The kindness of Grace and Wisdom members ensures that this philosophy is rooted in the teachings at Paul VI and in the actions of our students as they prepare academically and socially to confidently lead.


Saint Jane de Chantal ($5,000)

Saint Jane de Chantal, founder of the Congregation of the Visitation, received spiritual guidance from Saint Francis de Sales. An advocate for women in ministry and often facing adversity, Saint Jane de Chantal truly lived her mission. Donors at the Saint Jane de Chantal level help Paul VI students build the skills needed to identify and live their personal mission and advocate for others.


Principal’s Circle ($2,500)

Strong leadership is possible because of the circles of support – alumni, families, and friends – who invest in the academic and spiritual vision of Paul VI.  Generous donors of the Principal’s Circle celebrate the Paul VI legacy, provide for the present, and create opportunities for the future.


Pride, Values, and Integrity ($1,000)

Pride in who you are as an individual and community; values that embody the teachings of the church; integrity to lead with character and as a responsible member of society – each of these is the core of a Paul VI education. The support of friends of Pride, Values, and Integrity ensures PVI students achieve spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, and physical development according to the teachings of the Gospel and St. Francis de Sales.


PVI Patrons

Panther Society ($500+)

Gold and White Society ($250+)

Honor Roll ($100+)

Friends (up to $99)

The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors and thanks those who have included Paul VI in their estate plans. For more information on planned giving, visit Ways to Give.