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Mrs. Rhodes - Director of Special Services

Mrs. Adams

Ms. Bower

Mrs. Hinko

Mrs. Urlwin


Mrs. Rhodes - Director of Special Services

Mrs. Harkes




The Academic Center for Excellence provides educational support for students with average or above average intelligence who may experience difficulty with the transition to high school or with the demands of a college preparatory curriculum. Students attend ACE daily during their scheduled study period. Students receive individual and small group instruction. ACE teachers emphasize student improvement of the reading, writing, and math skills essential for academic success. ACE teachers also stress student improvement of organizational skills and study strategies. Parents may request that a student enroll in this program. This program accepts students based on need and includes students with and without learning disabilities.

Success in the Academic Center for Excellence depends on the student’s attitude and willingness to work at improving his or her skills. This involves student cooperation with ACE and content area teachers as well as student commitment of time and effort at home with parental supervision. The ACE program fosters student self-advocacy and student personal responsibility for assignments and grades. If a student is unwilling to participate in the study skill activities in ACE, the ACE teacher and the Paul VI administration may determine that ACE is not an appropriate placement.

There is a one time program registration fee and an extra tuition per semester for ACE. Students must commit to the program for the full semester. ACE tuition is non-refundable. Financial assistance is available through the school’s regular tuition assistance program.

The PVI Admissions Office may require that a 9th grade student enroll in ACE for two consecutive semesters. It is assumed that a 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student will be re-enrolled in ACE for a second semester unless a parent requests that a student be withdrawn. Parents must notify the Director of Special Programs by mid-December or mid-May of their decision to withdraw their child from ACE. After these dates, parents will be billed for a second semester.

For more information about the Academic Center for Excellence, call Mrs. Rhodes, Director of Special Programs, at 703-352-0925 ext. 338.

De Sales Learning Center  (DSLC)

The De Sales Learning Center is a program that provides specialized tutorial support to average and above average students who have a diagnosed learning disability. In this program, teachers who have experience working with learning-disabled students provide individual and/or small-group instruction and closely monitor student work.

The De Sales Learning Center is a tutorial support/student advocacy program that has been designed to help students meet the demands of their academic course requirements. Students enrolled in this program take all core subjects in regularly scheduled classes and attend this specialized program during their study hall period. Ninth grade students in the De Sales Learning Center will normally take six classes, spend two class periods in the De Sales Learning Center, and delay taking a foreign language until their sophomore year. Students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades will normally attend the De Sales Learning Center during one class period per day. A student's academic needs, as identified by the results of an individualized educational assessment, will determine the specific type of assistance provided by this program.

The De Sales Learning Center emphasizes individualized assistance, time management, and the development of effective study techniques. Instruction occurs within the context of the academic course load each student has undertaken. Working with both the student and the regular classroom teacher, the De Sales Center staff designs appropriate adaptations and accommodations to help the student develop the skills necessary to be successful in an academic setting. An example of one type of accommodation available to students in the De Sales Learning Center is the provision of extended time for testing. Students with a specifically documented need for extended time may use the De Sales Learning Center for this purpose.

There is a one-time program registration fee. Annual DSLC fees are charged for one period a day or two periods. The current fee can be found at the Admissions part of the school website. Financial assistance is available through the school's regular tuition assistance program. Students must commit to attending the De Sales Learning Center for the full school year.

For more information on the De Sales Learning Center, call Mrs. Rhodes, Director of Special Programs, at 703-352-0925 ext. 338.