World Language Teachers

Senorita Ali - Chairperson

Senora Aldana - Chairperson 

Madame Casey

Senora Devlin  

Frau Joyner  

Senora Mastriano 

Senor Pazo

Mademoiselle Piraino

Magister Stulac  

Mrs. Wang

Welcome to the World Language Department

In a world of ever-expanding communication networks and international exchanges, Paul VI Catholic High School recognizes 
the value of the study of world language, literature and culture.  Students are required to take two years of the same world language during grades 9 - 12. Students who have previous studies in any language and wish to continue study in that language maybe tested and placed in the appropriate level of high school world language.

Courses are offered in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish.