Laptop Tech Support

The Paul VI IT Department is available to assist with resolving student laptop technical issues. Parents and students can reach the IT Department via email at A response can be expected within the same day when communication is received during regular school hours and within 48 hours outside of regular school hours excluding holidays and weekends. During the academic year, students can visit the PVI Tech Center, located on the main level between the Chapel and Learning Commons in Room 1410. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. or by appointment outside of the regular academic year by contacting

Laptop Warranty and Accidental Damage Insurance

Each student laptop purchase includes an extended warranty (parts and labor) that will last through PVI graduation. This is either four years for incoming freshmen and three years for all other transfers. In addition, each student laptop is covered by an accidental damage insurance policy (parts and labor) through PVI graduation for the same term. PVI strongly recommends that all laptop problems, whether warranty issues or accidental damage, be serviced through the PVI Tech Center.
When treated with care, the device should last all four years and hopefully have limited or no issues. Typically, the accidental damage insurance policy covers a specific incident. The extended warranty and accidental damage plan exclude normal wear and tear as well as clear cases of willful damage or neglect. These service plans expressly state that the battery, stylus and charger is excluded in most instances. The Tech Center stocks a limited number of chargers and stylus for sale as a convenience to students. Battery issues and repairs outside of the warranty will be quoted. The family can make a decision to proceed with the out-of-pocket repair or purchase a new current-year device. 
For more information regarding warranties and accidental damage coverage, refer to the documents below.

Google Drive

Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based application suite that integrates with student email accounts and computers. Google Drive allows students to back up their work, collaborate on assignments, and receive assignments from their teachers. This feature is integrated into every student laptop as well as any spare laptop provided by the Tech Center. During Orientation, students configure their Google Drive and are instructed to save all documents to it so that they have access to their files in the event of a laptop issue that requires them to have a spare.
In the event that a laptop malfunctions during a time when a spare laptop is unavailable (such as during a school holiday or when the student is at home), a student’s Google Drive files are still available via web browser on any other computer that they might have at home. Google Drive also contains version history, allowing a student to possibly recover older copies of a document if necessary.

Electronic Textbooks

PVI's Instructional Technologist and Tech Center staff can assist parents and students with most issues that may occur accessing or using electronic textbooks. Mrs. Cindi Harkes is the Assistant Principal/Dean of Instruction. If a student believes their issue is related to their electronic textbook account or publisher, they should contact Mrs. Harkes. If a student believes the issue is related to their laptop software or hardware they should contact the Tech Center staff at Trying a different browser or device is a good interim step. Clearing the textbook website cache is another step a student can take toward resolution.

Monitoring Student Use

The school monitors student use of the laptop only while on school grounds. This monitoring is performed via central gateway filters as well as by the school’s teaching and learning software DyKnow. A more restrictive filter is in place during the school hours with filtering restrictions eased outside of normal school hours using a service called GoGuardian. The school does not assume responsibility for implementing parent-control services as we believe this is an individual decision for each family. We will, however, assist a family in making this type of service operate, where possible. Please contact if your family would like to discuss a more restrictive policy on your student’s device.

Withdrawing/Graduating Students

Once a student is no longer enrolled in PVI, their school assigned email will be suspended. This will result in the student’s inability to log into his or her Chromebook as it is managed by PVI while enrolled. If your family has not received an email with regard to the necessary steps after the device is deprovisioned, please contact and we will begin the process. After these steps, the device will no longer be restricted to an domain account. Once the student withdraws, PVI's Tech Center will no longer provide support/repairs for the laptop. The warranty and ADP will remain with the device for the remainder of the term purchased. Contact the manufacturer with the device’s serial number to process a claim. 
As a policy the school does not purchase back laptops from families with students that withdraw or from students who have graduated.
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