Paul VI Concussion Policy

Please contact our Athletic Department for PVI’s return to play/sports only policy. The diagnosis and treatment of concussions is individual. This policy is based on the most common treatment. Anything outside of this policy will be addressed by the concussion case manager and PVI’s administration.

  • The parent/guardian or PVI’s athletic trainer will contact Paul VI’s principal designee for concussion case manager (CCM), PVI’s school nurse, about concussion type symptoms or diagnosis.
  • The parent will provide documentation of concussion diagnosis from his/her healthcare provider (HCP) to the CCM. .
  • Once the CCM has the documentation on file, he/she will notify and update the student’s teachers and counselor, with the HCP’s concussion accommodations both initially and throughout the recovery. The CCM is PVI’s student/parent contact and resource between teachers/staff and the student during their concussion recovery. .
  • If a student is diagnosed with a concussion by a healthcare provider (HCP) or an athletic trainer, the student will not be permitted to play in school sponsored sports until cleared by our athletic department. .
  • A student may not miss class to travel with a school team until cleared by the student’s HCP to participate in athletics. .
  • If a student is prescribed certain accommodations, the student will not be permitted to participate in school sponsored field trips, extracurricular activities, clubs, and events until cleared by their HCP or advance in their recovery. .
  • Parent/Guardian will provide documentation to the school from each follow up evaluation throughout the recovery. .
  • If no follow up evaluation occurs or no follow up evaluation occurs within two weeks of the HCP noted follow up on the accommodation form, the student’s academic accommodations will expire and he/she will be expected to participate fully in academics with only extended time to complete missing work. .
  • If the student is cleared based on no follow up documentation, the student will return to P.E. as per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) return to play guidelines. .
  • The student will initiate a meeting(s) with their individual teachers regarding their make-up work plan throughout the recovery. .
  • The teacher will apply the accommodations to the student, have open communication with the parent and student regarding academic progression, and meet with the student for a make-up work plan. .
  • PVI will apply grading guidelines to be used during the student’s concussion recovery. .
  • Parent/Guardian will authorize PVI to communicate with the student’s HCP about the student’s recovery plan. Please provide authorization to the HCP per their policy.
  • All extended absences due to the concussion will follow the guidelines in PVI’s student handbook. .
  • The student must be cleared for testing and have evidence of testing, in all their exam classes, to be allowed to take exams. Those students cleared 7 days before their exams will not be allowed to take their exams as listed on the school calendar. .
  • Any concussion that is over 30 days or a student diagnosed with post- concussion syndrome may be referred to our Director of Special Accommodations for long term academic accommodations. Any documentation needed will be based on PVI’s accommodations policy.