Paul VI Athletic Booster Club 

Board Members and Roles

  • President:  General leadership, agenda for meetings, appointment of committee chairs/members.  Ability to approve spending up to $500 on supplies, etc., without a vote (with approval of the AD/Principal).
  • VP for Membership:  Responsible for annual membership drive including membership events, gifts, passes, financial tracking/report to FSO (Financial Services Office).
  • VP for Team Reps:  Responsible for making sure all teams are represented and informed.  Responsible for communicating the VSO structure/guidelines.
  • VP for Fundraising:  Responsible for directing on-going fundraising program (currently banners) and the schedule/financial tracking that benefits the program.
  • VP for Communications:  Responsible for meeting minutes reports (personally or by appointee), Constant Contact, announcements, webpage monitoring, materials, etc.
  • VP for Special Events:  Responsible for organizing events and recruiting committees for them.
  • *Treasurer:  This role is fulfilled by the AD, the AD’s administrative assistant, coaches and the FSO.  Reports will be brought to meetings by the AD and are available to board members.
  • *Concession Director:  This is a stipend position.  He/she manages and directs concession operations.
  • *Athletic Director (or appointee):  Serves on the board in an advisory capacity.
  • *Principal:  Presence served by AD.  Has ultimate veto power. 

*denotes non-voting board members

A 4-2 vote is needed to pass an item.

All requests come through the Athletic Director.

Meeting Structure

  • Board meetings:  One meeting per month (via teleconference if necessary).
  • General Membership Meetings:  Quarterly meetings on the third Wednesday of June, September, December and March) to be attended by ALL team reps (or coach) and any/all members.

What/who does the Booster Club raise funds for?

  • Every team at Paul VI.  50 percent of ALL membership fees can be directed to any individual team.  50 percent of ALL banner sales can be directed to the team responsible for the sale.  Teams maintain their own individual fundraising accounts within the master athletic boosters’ account.  ALL financial transactions must have approval from the AD, the FSO and the Principal.
  • Maintenance and capital improvements that benefit (many if not all) teams: busses, gyms fields, equipment and facility rental.  Over $60,000 was spent in the 2014-15 school year by Athletic Boosters.
  • Apparel gifts for ABC members.
  • Stipend for Weight Room supervisor.
  • Expenses for State Tournament travel ($25 per team member up to $750 per team to offset costs of transportation, lodging and food).
  • Commemorative items for championship teams ($50 per team member up to $2500 per team).
  • Senior night expenses (cost for flowers and $25 per senior to offset cost of commemorative items).
  • Contributions to charity and certain school events (All Night Grad Party).
  • Special requests (with approval from the Athletic Director and Principal.  Requests made through the AD office).
  • Annual “Coach of the Year” awards
  • Annual Supplemental Fund to the Athletic Department (used at AD’s discretion and includes cost of athletic awards such as letters, pins and certificates) reported on annually. 

The program with the highest percentage of membership for each season will receive a cash award and will be listed on a plaque.