Student and Parent Laptop Support/Helpdesk

The PVI IT Department has provided the information below for assistance with resolving student laptop technical issues. Both parents and students can reach the PVI IT department via email at or  Additionally, students can visit the PVI Help Desk located in room 201A between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm Monday thru Friday.

Parent Accounts (pviparent)

Each student laptop has been loaded with a default parent account. This allows parents to assist their student installing necessary software outside the standard image - such software would include but not be limited to home printer software, lojack for laptops and parental control software. Log in instructions for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems are located below.

Google Drive Information

Google Drive is a cloud-based system that integrates with student email accounts. Google Drive allows students to back up their work, collaborate on assignments, and receive assignments from their teachers. This feature is installed on every student laptop as well as any spare laptop provided by the tech center. During orientation, students configure their Google Drive account and are instructed to save all documents to it so that they have access to their files in the event of a laptop issue that requires them to have a spare.

In the event that a laptop malfunctions during a time when a spare laptop is unavailable (such as during a school holiday or when the student is at home), a student’s Google Drive files are still available via web browser on any other computer that they might have at home. Google Drive also contains version history, allowing a student to recover older copies of a document if necessary.

Electronic Textbooks (E-Texts)

PVI's Instructional Technologist and help desk staff can assist parents and students with most issues that may occur accessing or using electronic textbooks. Mrs. Weimer is the lead Instructional Technologist and she can be reached via email at or Parents and students can reach the help desk staff via email at or If a student believes their issue is related to their electronic textbook account or publisher, they should contact Mrs. Weimer. If a student believes the issue is related to their laptop software or hardware they should contact the help desk staff at the emails listed above.

Laptop Warranty and Accidental Damage Insurance

Each student laptop has a full-coverage warranty (parts & labor) that extends through PVI graduation. In addition, each student laptop is covered by an accidental damage insurance policy (parts & labor) through PVI graduation. PVI strongly recommends that all laptop problems, whether warranty issues or accidental damage, be serviced through the PVI Help Desk located on the school’s second floor (

Typically, the accidental damage insurance policy covers a specific incident only once per school year and then resets for the following school year. For example, if the laptop screen is shattered or breaks due to trauma, it will be replaced free of charge, but if a second incident of the same damage type occurs during the same school year, it will not be covered. A second damage type, however, that occurs during that same school year, would be covered.

Monitoring Students Use of Laptop

The school monitors student use of the laptop only while on school grounds. This monitoring is performed via central gateway filters as well as by the school’s teaching & learning software (DyKnow). The school does not assume responsibility for installing parent-control software (Cyber Patrol , Safe Eyes, etc.) on the laptop to prevent families from accessing questionable sites as we believe this is a family or parenting responsibility. We will, however, assist a family in installing this type of software on the laptop should you need that assistance.

Withdrawing Students

Students who withdraw from Paul VI must schedule a time with the Technology Center to have their laptop re-imaged. The laptop will be returned to the family with the Fujitsu / Lenovo factory image and with all school software (MS Office, Dyknow, Adobe CS6) removed.  Once the laptop is returned to the family PVI's Help Desk will no longer provide support / repairs for the laptop. The warranty and accidentail damage plans purchased for the laptop can be utilized at any authorized Fujitsu / Lenovo repair center. 

Sale of Laptop Back to PVI

As a policy the school does not purchase back laptops from families with student that withdraw or from students who have graduated.