The Paul VI School Board

The School Board is chartered by the Bishop of Arlington to provide guidance to the Principal in designated areas of responsibility. These areas include planning, policy formulation, finances, care for the facilities, and advancement activities including public relations and marketing. Candidates are sought who have skills or expertise that can contribute to Board's ability to perform this role. Members are selected and its officers are elected according to the Board's Constitution and By-Laws, which are approved by the Diocese. The Board establishes committees to conduct studies and collect information permitting the Board to make informed judgments. 

2016-2017 Board

Mr. Matthew Reynolds, President

Mr. Ken Coan, Secretary

Mrs. Virginia Colwell, Executive Officer

Mr. Bob Quartuccio, Diocesan School Finance Officer

Rev. Michael J.R. Kelly

Mr. Jerry Bozek

Mrs. Kathleen Brown

Mr. Donald Ditko

Mr. Steve Elena

Mr. John Emery

Mrs. Lori Freeman

Mrs. Eileen Hanley

Rev. Donald Heet

Mrs. Cheryl Kijewski

Mr. Donald La Velle

Mrs. Mary Lawrence

Mrs. Donna Mock

Mr. Jamie Saylor

Mr. Robert J. Smith

Mrs. Joan Wang

Mrs. Nancy Woodley

Finance Committee

Mr. Jamie Saylor, Chair
Mr. Ken Coan
Mrs. Virginia D. Colwell
Mrs. Leanna Fury
Mr. Don La Velle
Mrs. Lori Freeman
Mrs. Beth Covert
Mr. Matt Reynolds
Public Relations Committee
Mrs. Kate Andreottola
Mrs. Eileen Hanley
Mrs. Cheryl Kijewski
Mrs. Eileen Curren 
Enrollment Management Subcommittee:
Mrs. Eileen Hanley
Buildings and Grounds Committee
Mr. Don Ditko, Chair
Mr. Don La Velle
Mr. Patrick McGroarty
Mrs. Susan Underwood
Advancement Committee
Mrs. Nancy Woodley, Chair