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About PVI Football

PVI is proud to be to be a part of Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) football structure. Since 2011, our football program has competed exclusively for the VISAA “Division I” championship. The VISAA has several divisions for many sports based on enrollment size. As one of the largest private schools in Virginia, Paul VI Catholic High School is classified as “Division I.” Our varsity football schedule consists of at least five contests against VISAA opponents and up to five non-VISAA contests of our choosing. The top four teams in “Division I” reach the playoffs based on a point-system (for more info visit There are 10-12 teams eligible for those four slots each season (similar to, but more competitive than the WCAC’s seven teams for four slots). While we are excited to be able to compete for a State Championship in football, our school is still a proud member of the WCAC. It is our sincere hope that the WCAC can successfully reformat the setup for football so that we may eventually consider a return. Most of our programs are full-fledged members of the WCAC (with the exception of Dance, Cheer, Options Sports, Swim & Dive, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track and Boys Volleyball) -all of which are not supported within the WCAC.  Check the schedule on the right and see you at the games!